ITU Leeds Standard Triathlon

I was looking forward to the ITU Leeds Triathlon as I knew the standard would be very good which helps to push myself to my limits. It was also a great opportunity to support the elite male and female athletes.


The swim was a bit chaotic in all honesty. The waves were totally randomised which didn't help as there were different abilities in each wave. Fortunately I was able to get a good start and was soon in open water, but I soon caught up to the wave in front of me which had only started 2 minute prior to me. From then onward, it was a constant struggle weaving through the weaker swimmers. I was content with finishing the swim in 23:45, however, I know I can go quicker.


My transition from swim to bike wasn't great at all. We had to run just over a kilometer in total to get to the mount line and that included carrying a bag which contained your swimming accessories. I got very frustrated too as the mount line was on a hill so I messed up my flying mount. I just had to put my slow transition and mount behind me and focus on the rest of the race. The course was technical in places and involved a long downhill, long uphill then long downhill to finish. I was pleased with my time as I had the second fastest bike split in my age group. I'm used to cycling 90km now so felt fresh at the end of the bike leg, but know for next time to push harder.


After completing the bike, the run involved 5 laps which snaked around Leeds centre. There were surprisingly quite a few hills involved but I kept my pace consistent as I knew I could hold the pace for a long time. My aim was to finish the 10km run in less than 40 minutes and I just managed it with a strong last kilometer.

Overall, I am pleased with my performance. I felt fresh still even when I had finished and know I can push it harder. It just shows that the long distance training is paying off!

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