July Challenge Update

So I have finally finished my July challenge which was to run at least 5km every day. I'm thrilled to say that I completed the challenge and exceeded my expectations. In the end I ran a total of 338.9km which averages out at over 10km a day!

I am delighted with the progress I have made and look forward to seeing the benefits soon. However, the challenge wasn't that easy as there were several obstacles which made the commitment quite difficult, but success doesn't come without pain!

To start with I was working as a statistical analysis for a company called Clothes2Order which involved an 8-4 working day. Since the job was situated in Manchester, it took a while to commute there and back. I didn't want my other disciplines to suffer so several days a week I had to sacrifice my sleep in order to commit to this challenge. Days would often include waking up at 5:30am to train as my preferred time of day to train is in the morning. Nevertheless, I persevered and didn't let this phase me.

I also competed in the Ripon Triathlon on the 9th July. This was a tough race for me as I didn't manage to taper properly for the race. Following the event I didn't get to rest appropriately so some days I lacked energy but this was great mental preparation for me.

Since I didn't want my other disciplines to suffer, I set out to do the Ironman UK bike course with my step dad. It was great to support all the athletes competing and it is definitely an event which I will compete in one year. In the end I cycled almost 200km, but still set out to do my 5km run. It was great practice to run after such a long bike ride. The next step for me is to complete an ironman so watch this space!

All in all, I am pleased with my progress and can't wait to see the effects at the Sundowner Triathlon in September.

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