Season Review

Yesterday marked my last triathlon of the 2016 season and overall it has been a good season. There have been some tough parts but on the whole I have seen some good progression.

The toughest period for me was in April/May time when I suffered from really bad knee pain in my right knee which turned out to be illiotibial band syndrome. I saw a specialist to help the pain and from then onward I realised I needed to change my running technique. I have never properly focused on technique with running but immediately saw that my cadence was a weakness of mine. I used to complete my long runs at roughly 158spm and since then I have managed to increase this to above 170spm. My aim for the winter period is to increase this more to approximately 180spm which will reduce any risk of injury as well as increase my speed.

My running results just show how far I have advanced with a 1:29:22 half marathon in January compared to a 1:26:53 half marathon at the end of a half ironman distance triathlon in September. This was no doubt down to my change in running technique as well as my increase in training volume this year. I also invested in some Saucony Jazz 17s which provide more padding and have massively reduced the risk of getting blisters meaning I can train more over the course of the week.

My swimming has also massively improved. In August 2015, I completed a 1900m swim in 39:05 and in September 2016 I completed the same distance in 27:29. This massive improvement is no doubt down to the time spent in the pool and endurance swimming in open water. My Huub wetsuit and Zoggs goggles have definitely contributed to this improved performance.

Cycling has been my best discipline in most triathlons but is also an area I wish to improve even more. My aim is to complete a 90km ride averaging 40km/h and 180km in under 5 hours. This means I need to specify my training rides to achieve something since my biggest fault at the minute is just riding and not specifically doing any specific workout.

Of course I couldn't do this without the amazing support of my family and friends. I would like to specifically mention Paul for always pushing me and motivating me to be as good as I can be and also my incredible support crew of my mum, Ann, and sister, Rachel, who have supported my triathlons and progress so much throughout the season. I would also like to thank my incredible friends at university and old college friends for the continued support and encouragement.

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